Father Seelos Blessing

Father Seelos Blessing

Blessed Father Francis Xavier Seelos arrived in New Your City to join the Redemptorists. He was ordained on December 22, 1844 in Baltimore Maryland.

In 1860, he was considered for Bishop but, requested that the Pope not appoint him as he wanted to be a pastor working with the poor, preaching missions and hearing confessions. The Pope granted him this request.

Blessed Father Seelos was transferred to New Orleans in 1866. He contracted yellow fever and died October 4, 1867. He was 48 years and 9 months old at the time of his death. Many miracles are attributed to his intercession both during and after his death.

It was the recovery of a Louisiana woman from terminal liver cancer that was accepted as a miracle, which helped to Beautify Father Sellos. In August 1966, Angela Boudreaux, was told she had two weeks to live. In December 1999, the Church declared her cured and gave a unanimous affirmative vote for Father Seelos’ beautification. In January 2000, the Commission of Cardinals cast its official vote on the miracle clearing the way for the April 2, 2000, beautification ceremony in St Peter’s Square in Rome. His bones except for the breast bone which is in the St. Mary Church in New Orleans, LA, at the shrine of Blessed Father Seelos.

Today, a review for the second miracle is in Rome, which involved a woman from Maryland, is pending in Rome. If approved, Blessed Father Seelos will be canonized and declared a Saint.

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