The RCIA is not the same as “instruction” classes were just a few years ago in the Church. It is still relatively “new” to us, but its roots reach back into the 3rd and 4th centuries of our Church, when the Catechumenate was an important and daily part of the life of the Christian community. The goal of the RCIA is to foster or deepen one’s conversion in the community of the Church to Jesus Christ and the kingdom He proclaims. The RCIA is a spiritual renewal, not only for those seeking to become Catholics, but also for the welcoming community.

2017-18 RCIA


Adult Education

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish is committed to the belief that adult religious education is essential to the faith of mature Catholics. In this era of change and re-evaluation, it is important for Catholics to be aware of the true and ever-constant teachings of the Church. Even more importantly, these adult programs can be a means of growth in one’s own spiritual life.

In addition to adult religious education programs offered by the parish, parishioners are encouraged to participate, if at all possible, in workshops and courses offered in area parishes and seminaries.

Information concerning adult education programs offered through the parish, or elsewhere, can be obtained by calling the Parish Office at 985-863-7935.