Baptism is the sacrament through which we become members of the Church. We enter into a new and unique relationship with God and join the community of those who believe in the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Baptism, therefore, is both personal and communal in nature. It is personal because, through Baptism, we each are elevated by grace to Divine foliation in Christ. It is communal because, through Baptism, we are united with the entire Christian community as members of the one Body of Christ.

We must be aware that Baptism is a beginning. It is the beginning of living a Christian life and growing closer to the love which God offers each of us.


Adult Baptism

The Church is always ready to receive new members. Adults join the Church through Baptism or through a ceremony of reception into the Church. This is always preceded by a period of instruction. The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) classes begin each September and conclude after Easter. Arrangements can be made by calling the Parish Office. Following this period of instruction, adult Baptism, or reception into the Church, usually occurs at the Easter Vigil service.


Infant Baptism

Infant Baptism is a serious responsibility for the parents. It requires the faith of the parents because they are the ones who must answer the questions of faith on behalf of their child.

The parents pledge to educate and prepare their child in the Catholic faith. Later, once the child reaches the age of reason, the child will confirm those same baptismal promises, spoken on his own behalf, in the sacrament of Confirmation.

Baptism is viewed as an important step, both for the family and the Church: therefore, a seminar for the parents is provided in Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. The seminar is a few minutes set aside to reflect upon the importance and the significance of Baptism.

A seminar is required of all parents prior to the Baptism of their child. It is held by appointment with the Pastor or a Deacon. Baptisms are celebrated after the 10:30 a.m. Mass on the third Sunday of each month, except during Lent, or at other times by special arrangement.

Parishioners who request permission to have their child baptized out of parish will be required to attend the Baptismal seminar at Sts. Peter and Paul prior to granting that permission. The seminar may be attended in the Baptismal parish; however, confirmation of your attendance must be received from that pastor prior to granting the out-of-parish baptism.